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What is Common Platform technology?

The Common PlatformTM technology is the underlying technology that forms the basis of the collaboration between IBM, GLOBALFOUNDRIES and Samsung to enable cross manufacturing. This technology is comprised of bulk CMOS processes and design kits – allowing GDSII compatibility between synchronized 300 mm manufacturing facilities. This technology allows foundry customers to leverage capacity and an expansive common design support network with multi-sourcing capabilities without redesign, from industry-leading manufacturing suppliers.

Who founded the Common Platform technology collaboration?

Common Platform technology collaboration was jointly developed by three founders – IBM, GLOBALFOUNDRIES and Samsung Electronics – each of which makes a unique contribution to the collaboration. IBM and GLOBALFOUNDRIES conceptualized the technology at 90 nm. Samsung joined as the collaboration became formalized and expanded for 65 nm and 45 nm. The three companies are listed in marketing materials in order that they came to participate: IBM, GLOBALFOUNDRIES and Samsung.

This proven business model continues to gain momentum with the extension of the Common Platform technology portfolio to include the jointly developed 32 nm high–k metal gate CMOS process technology.

What does the Common Platform technology bring to customers?

Common Platform technology enables a single design to be multi–sourced so that customers receive the benefits of:

  • Collective innovation and access to application–ready, leading–edge process technologies
  • Capacity that is synchronized across fabs
  • Sourcing flexibility and choice for single design, multi–fab engagements
  • Quality assurance
  • Faster ramp support with risk mitigation for high–volume applications
  • Insurance against the risk of expensive redesign or manufacturing disruption
Our shared goal is to continue to lead in all of these areas to deliver superior value, innovation and choice to our customers.

What does each of the Common Platform technology manufacturing companies bring to the collaboration?

The collaboration of IBM, GLOBALFOUNDRIES and Samsung brings unique capabilities to help overcome complex chip-design challenges beyond what any single company could offer individually in the marketplace today.

IBM provides expertise in:

  • Process–aware chip design
  • Technology development
  • System design & methodology
  • Research leadership and deep patent portfolio
GLOBALFOUNDRIES enhances the Common Platform collaboration with:
  • A pure–play foundry model
  • Manufacturing economies of scale
  • Support across a full life–cycle of products
  • World class manufacturing services
Samsung complements the team by supplying:
  • Deep sub–micron expertise
  • Strong consumer and low–power focus
  • Manufacturing scale
  • Turnkey solutions
As semiconductor technology grows increasingly complex in the quest for greater performance, the pooled expertise of Common Platform collaborators can yield benefits beyond reach of a single manufacturer.

Who are the Common Platform technology Ecosystem Member Companies

Common Platform technology changes the landscape of the industry. As the only semiconductor manufacturing alliance with demonstrable market momentum, we expect the benefits of collaborative innovation on the Common Platform technology to move the pure–play foundry model to the next level.

Our open concept encourages our solution providers and customers to differentiate on a proven multi–source base, while preserving existing design system/ecosystem relationships.

Amkor Amkor Technology, Inc.
Apache Apache Design Solutions
Analog Bits Analog Bits, Inc.
ARM Advanced RISC Machines Limited (ARM)
Cadence Cadence Design Systems, Inc.
Cosmic Circuits Cosmic Circuits
Magma Magma Design Automation Inc.
Mentor Graphics Mentor Graphics Corporation
MIPS Technologies MIPS Technologies
Ponte Ponte Solutions Inc.
QThink Quantum Think Group, Inc.
Synopsys Synopsys, Inc.
True Circuits True Circuits, Inc.
Virage Logic Virage Logic Corporation

What is a Common Platform solution and how to does a company become a Common Platform Solutions Provider?

Common Platform solutions (IP, tools, turnkey/back–end solution or design services) are designed to help OEM customers speed time to market, reduce development risk, lower development costs, and improve return on investment. A provider is permitted to use the Common Platform Solution Provider mark when the provider has compared its offering(s) against the Common Platform technology criteria provided by the Ecosystem Validation Committee (consisting of members from IBM, GLOBALFOUNDRIES and Samsung) and has self–validated that the criteria have been met. These criteria are designed to help demonstrate both compatibility with other Common Platform offerings and industry quality–level achievement. The Common Platform Solution Provider mark is not a warranty of performance or quality or any other attribute of an offering, nor is it an affirmation or description by anyone other than the self–validator. To demonstrate compatibility, the provider may be required to manufacture silicon in one of the Common Platform technology facilities.