Common Platform
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IBM, GLOBALFOUNDRIES and Samsung Electronics have developed a unique foundry model for the semiconductor marketplace that offers enhanced flexibility, portability, capacity and resources, while accelerating the rate of technological innovation. This model is enabled by the Common Platform technology collaboration, a working relationship between IBM, GLOBALFOUNDRIES and Samsung developed to implement a common process technology across the manufacturing facilities of all three companies. The model combines the strength of a vertically integrated approach similar to an IDM with the benefits of outsourcing services ranging from design through packaging.

At the heart of the Common Platform relationship is the bulk CMOS process technology that is jointly developed by IBM, GLOBALFOUNDRIES, and Samsung. This joint development began at the 90 nm process node and now extends to 65 nm, 45 nm , 32/28 nm and 20nm process technologies. Combined, there are currently hundreds of process development engineers from the three companies working together at Albany Nanotech and IBM's 300 mm fab in East Fishkill, New York.

Along with the Common Platform partners, the Joint Development Alliance contributes valuable expertise and real-world implementation environments to further develop the Common Platform technology and foster semiconductor innovation for real-world solutions.

The Common Platform technology model continues to gain momentum with more than a dozen design enablement tool, EDA, IP and packaging solution providers joining the collaboration to provide a comprehensive design ecosystem.

The Common Platform model offers unique advantages over traditional foundry models:

  • Access to CMOS process technology leadership and innovation
  • Open design ecosystem
  • Worldwide manufacturing sources to enhancecapacity